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Our Mission:

The mission of this Parish is to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ for people, constantly reminding them that their aim is to live in the spirit of God, in truth, love, and righteousness. Holy Cross Parish seeks truth by worship and the study of Holy Scripture and Tradition.

The most important responsibility of the Church is to emulate Jesus Christ of fulfilling obligations toward man, family, nation and society. This Parish’s ideal and dream is to build for people a foundation around which they can rally, grow and strengthen themselves in their religious belief.

All activities of Holy Cross Parish, its societies, instruction classes, youth groups and informal fellowship gatherings support these responsibilities. Member volunteers, managed by its pastor, govern Holy Cross Parish and both share duties. It is financed by contributions of members and friends.

Our History:

Our Parish, a member of the Polish National Catholic Church, was founded on April 26, 1926, in Paterson, New Jersey. The first Mass in the newly constructed church was celebrated on New Year’s Day 1928. As a response to the suburban migration of the 1950’s and the ensuing baby boom, preparations were made to move the parish to Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson). Under the leadership of Rev. John A. Slysz the new church was built and celebrated its first Holy Mass on Mother’s Day, 1966.

During subsequent years, parish growth was such that various building improvements were made to the exterior as well as well as the development of new religious educational programs. The spiritual leadership provided by Father John Slysz continued until 1977. Upon Fr. Slysz’s assignment to the Passaic parish of SS. Peter and Paul, Father Joseph Milewski arrived with his family to serve as pastor of Holy Cross Parish. He continued to lead the parish until February 1979.

On May 15, 1979, the Rev. Sigmund Peplowski was appointed to lead Holy Cross Parish. Father Peplowski served the parish until August 2003.

On October 10, 2003 Father Joseph R. Cyman was assigned the Pastor of our parish.

The parish has experience continual growth. Aside from membership, our parish growth has been most evident in the increase of outreach programs. Participation in the West Paterson Clergy Association has led our parish to participate in new programs and projects in the community. Our time and funds have been directed to programs such as Eva’s Kitchen and the Father English Community Center in Paterson. We have also participated in crop walks and collected Christmas gifts for the elderly and the institutionalized by means of our Advent Tree program. We have also gone beyond our national borders to help with funds and packages for our Sister Parish, Nativity of the B.V.M. in Ząbkowice Śląskie, Poland.

We continues our mission and dynamic outreach and welcome all new members from all cultural backgrounds.

Those who have served our Parish:

Fr. Peter Guderski
Fr. Roman Pawlikowski
Fr. Wladyslaw J. Pawlowski
Fr. R. Zabek
Fr. J. Blask
Fr. Juliusz Jablonski
Fr. Felix Rekas
Fr. Edgar Starozypinski
Fr. A. Przyjemski
Fr. Jozef Janik
Fr. Franciszek Biel
Fr. Jan Urban
Fr. Jozef Hornik
Fr. Jozef Michalski
Fr. Albert Fuchs
Fr. Niemiec
Fr. Stanley Molon
Fr. Sr. John Slysz (1957 – 1977)
Fr. Joseph Milewski
Fr. Sr. Sigmund Peplowski (1979-2003)
Fr. Joseph R. Cyman (2003-Present)
Deacon David Gaydos
Deacon William Gaydos